Thursday, November 12, 2009

In love with my laundry room

When I make a lot of my indoor projects that are small I work on them when I'm doing laundry. I am enjoying my new laundry room more then I thought I would. I just went and took these photos. If I was thinking ahead I would have cleaned the laundry room for show and tell but it is working today.

It is our basement bathroom, and laundry room for 6 people and my craft room. My crafts do spill out to the garage but that is another story.

When I designed the basement (When we were finishing it.) I knew I wanted a bigger laundry room then we had. Plus I multi task so much better when I'm right by all the stuff I'm trying to get done. So to me it only made sense to make a multipurpose laundry room and I'm in love with mine.


Lisa Fox said...

I LOVE your utility room. OK, actually I covet your utility room. I seriously would be hiding in it everyday...not kidding. I love your blog and I really want to try all of your ideas, Lucky for me you live close by so I can call you and ask you a million questions! :)

Joy said...

What a HUGE room! I think that's great that you can craft, shower, and dry clothes all at the same time, in the same place. Talk about multi-tasking!
You really are a lucky girl! I would love to have a craft room with beautiful cabinets like yours.

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