Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book 1 of Summer Reading.

I have been a very busy gal the last month getting ready for summer. For the last 3 summers I have gone home (Boise, Idaho) for about 7 weeks of the summer. We come for the salmon fishing and then play in the warm non humid weather. Being gone for that long takes some work like getting ALL the clothes washed, cleaning out all the food that will go bad, packing up 4 kids and coming up with a few new things to keep the kids busy while on the 6 hour plane ride. This was the kids 4 time and they did so well. I was only ask a few times "How much longer?" Giving the kids watches was a life saver.
Well, while my kids are playing with grandma's and grandpa's, friends and family, camping, fishing, 4wheeling, going to parks and family reunions. I can get a few books read.
Here is my 1st book choice.

It is an amazing story that is beautifully told through letters. I had a really hard time putting it down. it's a book that kept me thinking about the story long after I put it down. Enjoy!

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Tami said...

I really enjoyed reading this book too. I keep thinking of fun projects we can do together. Can't wait until you come back. Hope you are having a great time!

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