Monday, January 25, 2010

Spring cleaning

After the Holiday's and I have picked up a few extra things. Like decor for next year and thing to give out that I picked up for 80% off. I find myself cleaning and not just the everyday cleaning. I'm talking take everything out and deep cleaning it all.

The other day I took all of the kids arts and crafts stuff out and went though it. Tossing out maker and pens that no longer worked and papers that we could live with out.

I just love these boxes from Ikea. They are great tools in getting and keeping things in order. Plus I love my P-touch. Labels are key in getting things back to there home.

It feels really good to have a house of order.


Lisa Fox said...

man I was just at IKEA, i didn't see these. Now i'm going to have to go back :) but I did get a wonderful shelf unite that I am super excited to go in my playroom.

Kendra@My Insanity said...

Those boxes look great! What do you store in them? I keep thinking about getting a label maker. I think my perfectionism about how labels should look, slows me down there. I'm deciding that everything should be clearly labeled, if I ever want my family to buy into it.

Great work! Thanks for linking up!

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